When I travel, I take my camera along.

When I travel, I take my camera along.

It's not a phone camera, it's a real camera. That's what I used to say. Nowadays, with smartphone cameras replacing all but specialized lenses, taking a real camera out to the field requires dedication and love for the subject matter. Real cameras are losing their differentiation factor when it comes to superficial visual quality, but they retain their immersion, they beget dedication to the composition.

Taking a picture with a camera requires dedication in carrying it with its lenses, taking time to unwrapping and setting up. Pictures carefully framed and composed retain the aura of the moment, are born with an intent.

In the recent past, my urge to take pictures has abated. It has a couple of reasons: Munich, my current city of residence, is the most uninspiring, soulless city in Germany. Other reasons may be a stressful job and the usually chores of adulthood. But most importantly: I came to realize that being behind the camera and seeking to document life with it, is a symptom of not partaking in life, but more of watching, idealizing, romanticizing. But getting more into participating, by living more in the here and now, the urge to communicate my inner-self through pictures has abated. I did what I could. I said what I wanted to say.

To move forward, to further my photographic signature and flow, would require dedication to art, which I have decided against by turning 9to5.